Leaders On Purpose: The CEO Summit

Leaders On Purpose: The CEO Summit


The Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit brings together some of the world’s top visionaries and leaders to accelerate a new kind of leadership at the forefront of a new business logic – one that, at its core, integrates purpose and profit.

Why? Because solving humanity’s most pressing challenges is both the right thing to do and an unprecedented business opportunity.

Connect key challenges framed by the SDGs with the CEO agenda, with leaders presenting insights and share learnings about ways they are galvanising around the SDGs.

Examine the tools and opportunities that are available for CEOs to move the needle in driving organisational, societal and environmental prosperity in order to meet the Global 2030 agenda.

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Help the post-COVID-19 economy grow through the rise of the fourth sector.

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A collective global effort driven by leaders in policy, business, investing, academia, social innovation, and civil society who have come together to harness the growing fourth sector of the economy as pathway for social and economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Building back a better economy is an effort that requires massive collaboration — there is a role for everyone across every sector. To get involved, or if you have any questions, please contact us!